“We are sisters of this Earth—members of one powerful tribe.”

—Jada Pinkett Smith
“If you can feed yourself, you can free yourself.”

—Dr. Grace Lee Boggs, philosopher and Detroit community organizer
“My daughter talks about what she did and learned at ECO Girls all weekend long. This is a great program!”

—ECO Girl Parent

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ECO Girls Green Commitment Policy

In addition to providing a unique experience of environmental and cultural education to our participants, ECO Girls is committed to upholding our values through “greening” our events whenever possible and keeping our environmental impact as low as we can. Our dedication to the environment goes beyond a policy statement and is woven into our daily lives and considered in every decision we make for the program.

Our commitment to raising awareness about environmental issues and encouraging our community to be more eco-conscious is expressed in several different categories of our organization’s operations.

ECO Girls provides our participants with nutritious, vegetarian meals and snacks at our events. Our focus is on organic and/or local food options whenever possible. We emphasize minimal packaging and biodegradable tableware. Food leftovers are gathered for composting to reduce waste. Participants are provided with reusable water bottles when they join the program.

Participants are encouraged to utilize alternative methods of transportation to and from our events. Walking and mass transit are utilized for our field trips.

ECO Girls uses recycled products when possible in our activities and supplies. Our paper products are printed on various grades of recycled paper. The application process for our program is handled primarily online, an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to paper. ECO Girls orders t-shirts for all of our participants that are 100% organic cotton. We support local businesses in our purchases.

We hope that by working together we will be able to make a real difference. There are still many ways we can improve our operations to be more eco-conscious and we welcome community input and assistance in our efforts!