“We are sisters of this Earth—members of one powerful tribe.”

—Jada Pinkett Smith
“If you can feed yourself, you can free yourself.”

—Dr. Grace Lee Boggs, philosopher and Detroit community organizer
“My daughter talks about what she did and learned at ECO Girls all weekend long. This is a great program!”

—ECO Girl Parent

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Dear Eco Girls and Friends: these are links to websites that we think you’ll have fun visiting.

Links for Kids

Links submitted by kids:

Links for Parents and Teachers

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Educators, and Community Members:

Thank you for visiting our website. Below are some online resources that we have found helpful in our pursuit of the ECO Girls mission. If you have suggestions for additions that support our mission (from trusted organizations) or comments about what's here, please share them with us via our Contact page. Note: We do not post links to businesses or organizations that do not focus on the environement or education.

Raising Strong Daughters

Environmental Resources & Education for Children

Science, Engineering & Math Education for Girls

Environmental Information for Grown-ups: Engaging and Quick Reads

Environmental Humanities Resources