“We are sisters of this Earth—members of one powerful tribe.”

—Jada Pinkett Smith
“If you can feed yourself, you can free yourself.”

—Dr. Grace Lee Boggs, philosopher and Detroit community organizer
“My daughter talks about what she did and learned at ECO Girls all weekend long. This is a great program!”

—ECO Girl Parent

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UM Courses

For UM Students

University of Michigan undergraduate students may work with ECO Girls for service learning credit in the four ways described below. Students may also participate in ECO Girls as volunteers.

Course Credit

  1. Students may enroll in Sociology 389, Section 305 (Environmental and Cultural Opportunities for Girls). This course is offered as part of Project Community at the Ginsberg Center. For details about the course, see the Ginsberg Center’s website.
  2. Students may enroll in Women’s Studies 350 (Women and the Community, taught by Leseliey Welch). For details about this field study course, visit the Women’s Studies website or the UM LSA course catalogue.
  3. Students may enroll in an independent study course, Afroamerican and African Studies 410, for the fall, winter or spring term with Professor Tiya Miles. This independent study, titled Cultures of American Girlhood, includes reading, analytical writing, creative writing, and community service placement with ECO Girls. Students are expected to be fully engaged with both the reading/writing requirements and all ECO Girls activities. If their schedules allow and in the interest of continuity, students may wish to enroll in Section 305 of Soc 389 and in the independent study within the same or alternate terms. For details contact Tiya Miles: tiya@umich.edu, and please insert “ECO Girls Service Learning” into the subject line of your email.
  4. Students may seek permission to pursue Practical Experience credit in the Program in the Environment (PitE) by enrolling in Sociology 389, section 305 as well as an independent study course with the faculty director of ECO Girls. For more information, contact the Program Coordinator in PitE, Kimberly Smith, ksmithz@umich.edu, or visit the PitE website.

Women's Studies students and DAAS outreach coordinator, Elizabeth James, on an ECO Girls field trip to the River Rouge Plant, Dearborn, MI, winter term 2012. From left to right: Alexandria Williams, Nahbee Jong, Dy-Min Johnson, Elizabeth James, Adrienne Clabin. Not pictured: Cheyenne Rockey.


ECO Girls invites involvement from potential student volunteers across the campus, especially those in: Women in Science and Engineering Program, Program in the Environment, Graham Institute Undergraduate Sustainability Scholars, Afroamerican and African Studies, Women’s Studies, American Culture, Residential College, Comprehensive Studies. Volunteers are particularly needed for the week-long summer camp in late June. For questions contact Tiya Miles: tiya@umich.edu, and please insert “ECO Girls Volunteering” into the subject line of your email.

To become a volunteer please fill out our application.